Powerpoint Display Issue (Extending Desktop)

PowerPoint 2013 Defaults to Presenter Mode for slideshows

PowerPoint 2013 defaults slideshows to use presenter mode. This mode extends the computer's desktop creating two separate monitors on the user's computer.

  1. The first monitor is the laptop or tablet's built in screen. 
  2. The second monitor is the display device (Projector) attached to the laptop or tablet.

There are two resolutions to this issue:

  1. If you would like to use presenter view and easily change your display settings back to duplicate after the slide show:
    1. Windows 7 users: Press ⊞ Win+P and select Duplicate
  2. If you would like to disable using presenter view:
    1. Open PowerPoint and Select Blank document
    2. Goto File > Options > Advanced
    3. Scroll Down to Advanced
    4. De-select "Automatically extend display when presenting on a laptop or tablet"
    5. Click Ok

    PowerPoint 2013 Display Issue.png