Windows Key Shortcuts

Windows Shortcut keys provide a quick an convenient way to control your computer. Please use the list below as a reference:

Windows 7 introduces the following:

  • ⊞ Win+SPACEBAR activates Aero Peek. Reassigned in Windows 8.
  • ⊞ Win+P toggles between the devices that receive video card's output. The default is computer monitor only. Other options are video projector only, both showing the same image and both showing a portion of a larger desktop.
  • ⊞ Win+ maximizes the active window.
  • ⊞ Win+ restores the default window size and state of the active window, if maximized. Otherwise, minimizes the active window.
  • ⊞ Win+ or to align the window to the corresponding side of the screen, maximizing it vertically.
  • ⊞ Win+⇧ Shift+ or to move the window to the next or previous monitor, if multiple monitors are used
  • ⊞ Win+T to iterate through items on the taskbar.
  • ⊞ Win++ or ⊞ Win to zoom into the screen at the mouse cursor position using the Magnifier Utility.
  • ⊞ Win+- to zoom out if the Magnifier Utility is running.
  • ⊞ Win+Esc to exit zoom.
  • ⊞ Win+1 through ⊞ Win+9, ⊞ Win+0 to either start or switch to the corresponding program pinned to taskbar. ⊞ Win+0 runs the tenth item. Press multiple times to cycle through the application's open windows. Press and release quickly to keep the taskbar's preview open (which allows you to cycle using arrow keys).
  • ⊞ Win+Home minimizes/restores all windows other than the active window